Daemons of Devil’s End launch

Launching a new book is always an occasion, especially when it involves meeting up with old friends. So travelling down to London on Friday 10th November for the launch of the anthology The Daemons of Devil’s End (and the mirror twin Olive Hawthorne and the Daemons of Devil’s End) was always going to be a pleasure.

Yes they are the same book but in two paperback editions from Telos. Why two versions? Because Olive Hawthorne and the Daemons of Devil’s End is a special edition in the style of the old Target paperbacks of the era from which the original Dr Who episode belongs. Both are quite obviously wonderful, and well worth a tiny portion of your hard-earned wage.





Sam Stone and David Howe

Suzanne Barbieri Nov 2017Jan Edwards FP Nov 2017

Suzanne Barbieri and Jan Edwards

I travelled down on the train and met up with the writers/publishers Sam Stone, Suzanne Barbieri and David Howe for the launch at the famous Forbidden Planet – Shaftsbury Avenue store in London. Sadly Debbie Bennett and Raven ane were both unwell and unable to attend, but it was a good event. Plenty of books to be signed and people to meet.

Choccy biccies of various kinds were supplied by the loverly FB hosts – which were placed in front of me for some reason.  Now I am wheat-sensitive so have to forgo such goodies – but as they were rapidly consumed without my help it was not a problem.

This anthology came about as a result of our writing the script for the Daemons of Devil’s End DVD, starring the awesome Damaris Hayman, was launched at Galaxy Four in Sheffield on the 11th. Damaris herself was there to sign along with the writers but, sadly, I couldn’t make that as I had another event that had been on my calendar for a long while. More of that later. Hey ho… we can’t do two events at the same time, try as we might! Not even one involving Dr Who!

Getting back was less fun with the inevitable ‘signal failures’ causing Euston station to heave with far more people than usual as we all waited and waited and waited until our trains finally arrived. This was one occasion when Peter had the foresight to get an upgrade to 1st class and it was worth every penny not to have to stand all the way from London to Stoke.

The next Daemons of Devil’s End  event is 18th November at the Who Shop, Upton Park London – but I shall not be there!  But never fear! I shall be able to make it on 26th November to Waterstones Bookshop, Arndale Centre, Manchester.


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