Monthly Archives: September 2017

At the Oasis

Image result for black and white scarf arabQuite surprised by an incident on the street on friday.
I saw a man in ‘camo’ gear sitting astride a bicycle watching me walk toward him.
As I drew level with him he asked by ‘where did you buy that arab scarf thing?’
I ignored him and kept walking – deciding that to answer (quite truthfully) that I had bought it at the Oasis was not a good move.
He passed me three times on his bike before cycling away.
The item in question is a soft cotton scarf square which I did indeed buy at the Oasis some fifteen years ago…
Except that the Oasis in question was the ‘hippy’ market in Birmingham!

Displacement Therapy

House moving looms and we find that BT are unable to supply a telephone line until 14 days after the current house owner has moved out, and can’t supply us with a telephone number until then. Our internet provider cannot supply us with a connection until we have our new number – and there is a ten day wait. Well that was the first rendering. My other half spending half a day on the phone has resulted in shortening those time scales a little, with luck, but only time will tell by how much. Continue reading