White Witch Interviews #drwho #reeltime #tv

Last weekend was all about filming interviews for the extras disc that will accompany White Witch of Devil’s End. Those who follow my blog will recall that this is a Dr Who project from Reel Time Pictures starring Damaris Hayman, reprising her role of Olive Hawthorne from Dr Who’s ‘The Daemons’ (which was first screened in 1971! Over 45 years ago!)

White Witch of Devil’s End is a monologue written by  Sam Stone, Jan Edwards, David J Howe, Raven Dane, Debbie Bennett and Suzanne J Barbieri – which will hopefully also spawn an anthology from Telos Publishing (more on that another time).

The interviews which were being filmed by the inimitable Keith Barnfather.  An interesting, and I will admit slightly nerve-wracking experience. Not because Keith is intimidating, far from it, but because I am well aware that I gave a good face for radio.

I have done a number of radio interviews and never know what is going to come out of my brain/mouth. Mostly I spout errant nonsense, which is great for writing fiction, but not so great when you can’t edit it later to  turn yourself from burbling idiot into erudite author in total command of the English tongue.  Hey ho… I am  hoping Keith will cut out all of my hums and ahhs and general waffling.

The filming itself took just a few minutes, but it gave me the opportunity to catch up with most of the rest of the script team. Or at least most of them. Debbie and Suzanne could not make it but will be immortalised in digits another day. Sorry to miss them.

Peter was delegated the task of taking stills of the proceedings (as well as being my chauffeur…) and had fun snapping away at the various stages of the afternoon.

Sadly P and me had to leave before the night shoot of Linzi Gold’s theme tune music video. From the stills that looked like a lot of fun, but hey ho.

Looking forward to seeing the finished bundle of monologue and extras. The expected release date is November 2017 so look out for that.  Just in time for you to buy it as the perfect xmas gift for the Whovian in your life.

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