Miss Dilly & Co : British Blue

I may have mentioned before that Miss Dilly is obsessed with Hooman-food.

The sound of the fridge door opening will bring her running every time, because we may possibly be making food of some kind that involves chicken or ham or beef or most especially her favourite Hooman-food of all… cheese!

babybelYes, I know the perceived wisdom is that cats should not eat cheese or indeed any dairy product – but try telling that to Miss Dilly.

She will sell her soul for a slivers of cheddar, but will happily Dutch Edam, Red Leicester or  even Babybel cheeses at a  push if that is all you have. She will devour cheese and onion crisps, though prefers sour cream and chive Pringles.

Miss Dilly will eat mac-cheese, pizza or anything that smells  vaguely of her favourite snack and will run round and around the kitchen table yelling at the top of her lungs until you give in and offer her a fragment at very least – just to shut her up!

Today we had cheese and crackers for lunch and right on cue she was doing her noisy circuit laps  routine, crying piteously that she is staaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrviiiiing! And only cheese can save her!

download (2)We had been eating garlic and herb Boursin and Peter offered her the foil wrapper. The effect was immediate and smacked strongly of drama queen as she leapt back a good foot or more –  as though electrocuted –  before retreating rapidly to scold him from the safety of the kitchen door along the lines of: “What in hell is that? It is not cheese! Are you trying to poison me?”

A minute or two later I opened the cheese box and took out a piece of brie.

There was a noisy repeat wall-of-death performance as she demanded her ritual offering.

Which I duly did.

She sniffed cautiously and pulled back her lips in disgust and yelling what I took to mean: “My breed is British Blue  – no way am I eating that muck!”

She retreated once more to gaze at us mournfully from the step – cheeseless and bereft.

I am ashamed of her!  Plainly, though she will sample Dutch and Swiss comestibles, she draws a line at French!  Information to be filed away for future reference.

Cats, hey?


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