Miss Dilly & Co – juuuuuuuuuust a little on the contrary side #cats

In preparation for moving house, and anticipating the need to keep the feline occupants indoors for a few weeks (an act of self defence), we have invested in a couple of covered cat litter trays.

As the tribe have never used cat flaps, and even Oberon the baby of the tribe is nine years old and set in his ways,  I removed the swing-lids. My thinking being that they would need to be used to the cover before I confuse the little darlings with doors!

Now you’d think that would not be a problem were it not for the rules of the Dilly tribe. Accept no changes – give no quarter. 

Not only have they refused to use these new fangled devices – they have, as one, also decided not to use the single open tray I left down.

I know this is an edict handed down from Miss Dilly because she is the only one will spend the whole morning in the garden only to dash indoors for a pee the moment the door is opened!

The brand new covered trays remain pristine – I am just hoping on hope that Miss Dilly doesn’t decide to issue an order for protest votes to the unanimous veto…



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