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Winter Downs give away

3 days left on the Winter Downs Goodreads giveaway!

Jan Edwards

Enter the Winter Downs giveaway on Goodreads 

And don’t forget the Winter Downs launch 3rd June. (see poster for details)

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Last Chance Pot

Image result for old orchids rottingSome elderly orchids (I have had them for at least 11 years) being given their last chance. The mulching bark in their pots had basically turned to leaf mould and as a result their roots were rotting through being too damp. Repotted in a mix of pebbles, bark chips and a small amount of orchid compost and we shall see if they survive.
Otherwise the next stop will be the compost heap.
Are you listening, you orchids? Sitting there on the sill looking pathetic.
This is a last chance potting!


It was a struggle but finally got my very first newsletter, complete with invite to the Winter Downs book launch, out to my mailing list!

If you would like to receive my (infrequent) mailings – and want to be in with a chance of winning a free copy of Winter Downs (UK), then message me asap (or before the 3rd June at least 🙂  )!

One More Flash in the Pen

 One More Flash In The Pen ebook available now!  Superb collection from the Authors Electric crew.
(Paper edition coming soon.)




“This month has been all about downsizing, which for 90% of writers that I know is a slow and painful parting of the ways with a small section of their book mountain at very least.  The Edwards-Coleborn household is attempting to relocate to somewhere easier to manage and  one of the inevitable consequences is that some of our carefully amassed volumes are going to have to go – but which tomes will be destined for the chop?”

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Winter Downs give away

Enter the Winter Downs giveaway on Goodreads 

And don’t forget the Winter Downs launch 3rd June. (see poster for details)


Children of the Shaman on sale now!


Children of the Shaman is now on sale from Amazon and Amazon UK. More formats and sites to follow!

Published by Kristell Ink Publications, with cover art by Daniele Serra and internal illustrations by Evelinn Enoksen.

Many thanks to everyone at Kristell Ink, who worked hard to bring this to fruition…

First published by Orbit Books in 2001, Children of the Shaman now appears in a revised edition with new cover art and illustrations. As well as e-books, the novel will be available in hardback and paperback format.

 About Children of the Shaman:

When their aunt is taken ill, thirteen-year old Annat and her brother are sent from their small coastal town to live with their unknown father. Like Annat, Yuda is a Shaman; a Wanderer with magical powers, able to enter other worlds. As Annat learns more about her powers, the children join their father on…

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