Letters From Home : 2 #ww2crime #winterdowns

mu's letterThe launch of my crime novel Winter Downs – a not so every day story of country folk – is approaching fast!

To celebrate Winter Downs and Jem Shaw’s forthcoming wartime tale of airplanes and pilots (follow up to The Larks), we came up with these letters between “Mu and Terry” ; a newly married couple living through the home and fighting fronts in 1940.

Terry’s letter #1 here.  Now read on…

More letters to come at the Winter Downs launch on 3rd June at City Central Library, Hanley, Stoke on Trent! (Winter Downs launch.)


46 Grosvenor Ave

3rd May 1940

My Darling Terry Bear,

Your letter arrived yesterday and I’ve read it a million times already. So terribly disappointed that you weren’t able to get a weekend pass before you were posted. Hopefully your tour won’t be too long and we’ll have that weekend in the Lakes before the summer is out.

Dad says you should get those landings up to scratch. He says it’s bad enough Gerry shooting at you without being a clumsy clot on the field.

Mr Frances got us all together today and announced that he has been called up and he will be closing the office at the end on the month. We all knew he was in the RNVR but never imagined he would be posted at his age. Such a shock for us all.  Margery said we should both apply for the WACS and  I did give it some thought, but then Mr Frances called me into his office  and said that the WD have  offices at some country house east of Oxford and they are looking for people with draft experience and a head for numbers as well as good typing and shorthand speeds.  He’s be going to put in a word for me. Its five bob a week  more than I’m getting now, and Mum  would get  her front room back even sooner than she thought.

Speaking of which, thank you for sending me the money.  Quite a haul. I have put £9 in the house fund and kept 10/- back for clothes. If I get this job I shall need some bits and bobs to take with me.

Mum collected our new ration cards this week with the cheese vouchers. 8oz each per week. Dad was horrified. You know how much he likes a good cheese and pickle door step for his supper.

I went to see Band Waggon with Dorothy and Sybil. It was awfully funny and we had super evening, but going to the Odeon without you never feels quite the same. We stopped to get a fish supper from the West Street chippy on the way home and almost missed the bus because we forgot it takes longer to walk to the stop in the blackout!

Should go now as I want to get this into the post. I am hoping it reaches you quickly wherever it is you have ended up. Stay safe and watch those landings. Missing you so much already and counting days until you are home again.  

Fondest wishes from your ever loving,



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