Lazy Madonna? #FacePalm #beatles #overheard

Writers are nosy beasts by nature, so listening in on other conversations in public spaces is a given.   Mostly it is snippets. Those ‘And I said to her…’ moments. All grist to the writing mill.

Now and then you get to hear a whole conversation and very very occasionally you feel compelled to step in because you can stand it no  longer.

Overheard today in a high street charity shop between two ladies of middle years, one of them at least old enough to have been around when the record in question was released…

DJ on radio:  …and after the news we’ll have that oldie  – Lady Madonna.

Charity Shop Customer (CSC) : Lady Madonna? Lazy  more like. She’s no better than she should be. 

Charity Shop Assistant (CSA): Well I’ve always though she had a nerve calling herself that.

CSC: Yeah – flippin cheek  (pauses) Here… you don’t think they’re gonna knight her do you? That would be stupid. She’s done nothing to deserve it.’

CSA :  Only dress up like a I don’t know what. And she’s not even English! 

Me  (unable to stand the ‘stupid’ any longer) : Lady Madonna the song. (blank stares) By the Beatles?

(Tumbleweed moment as both continue to stare at me.)

CSC : Never heard of it.

Me (Facepalm) : It was an early hit. It was huge…  Been used on umpteen tv shows and films.

CSA: Not heard of it – and (sarcastic) I’m not a Beatles fan anyway.

Me : No, nor am I – but even so…

CSC and CSA  : Never heard of it…

At which point I admitted defeat and went home to check what century I was living in.  I realise the song was a while back, but still…

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