Focus on Crochet and Art and save your mental health. Guest post Aunty Stella

Art and health from Stella Willcox

Made by Aunty Stella

A few of my friends have commented recently that they have not seen much of me since the beginning of the year. They think that I have turned into some kind of crazy crochet cat lady who only wants to be with their wool and creations.

Well this is true to a certain degree. At the moment, or for the last few weeks at least since just before Christmas last year, that is all I have wanted to do.

There is a reason for it.

For most of my adult life, and possibly in my teens as well, I have had mood swings that go up and down. For years my mother thought it was just my hormones. I am now approaching the time of life when hormones should stop swinging all over the place and calm down, but my mood swings have not!

So there must be another reason…

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