Ms Magneto – Killing the Till

hazard Dropped in to Tesco for a few bits and pieces and decided that as it was busy and there were queues  it would be quicker to use the self-service checkout.

How wrong could I be.

The first four items refused to scan for me; ‘unknown item in the baggage area’, each time requiring the staff member to come and reset it.

The next three scanned and would not register in the bagging tray – each time requiring the staff member to come and reset it.

The very patient Staff member stood there whilst  I tried three more items – each time requiring her and reset it – though this time she re-scanned the item for me.

By now she was beginning to realise that the problem lay not with the machine… But with me.

We were, by now,  both giggling like school girls, and realising she could not move away any time soon  this lovely lady scanned the rest of my shopping  – telling me that she had never before come across anyone  that stopped the machines from working just  by standing next to it.

She has never met  Ms Magneto before! 🙂

I have on several occasions been tempted to use the scan-as-you-go hand held barcode readers… but I have  a nasty suspicion that way madness would surely lay.

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