Good and Thin

The sanidshot_540x540dwich ‘thins’ from the Tesco Free From range are not bad at all. Probably one of the closest approximations to ‘proper’ bread that I have found yet.

These have a good flavour, decent texture and keep for several days.  They also freeze well and maintain all the above qualities provided they are used quite quickly after defrosting; though of course that is the case with most baked products.

Down side – perhaps a little too thin. Good for those dieting but not very substantial, and if the filling is at all moist they will fall apart unless you eat them fairly promptly.

I mourned the demise is the Tesco GF pitta bread  which appears to have been discontinued – but this is a reasonably worthy successor.


In other news I do not much like the Genius pitta breads. I have bought several packs and in my experience all have been grey with a marked tendency to crumble, which is made worse by freezing. They possess (IMHO) that vague ‘hint of putty’ flavour of some GF breads and biscuits. They also proved prone to developing mould several days before their sell by date. Others may have had a better experience than me obviously.

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