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MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories: Part VI

holmes-viThere is a kickstarter campaign for the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories: Part VI 2017   here

Latest in the best selling series all sold in aid of the restoration of Doyle’s former home, Undershaw (now The Stepping Stones school)

Intended publication date is  22nd May 2017 Continue reading


Good and Thin

The sanidshot_540x540dwich ‘thins’ from the Tesco Free From range are not bad at all. Probably one of the closest approximations to ‘proper’ bread that I have found yet.

These have a good flavour, decent texture and keep for several days.  They also freeze well and maintain all the above qualities provided they are used quite quickly after defrosting; though of course that is the case with most baked products. Continue reading

It’s All About Perspective from Barry Lilly

Barry Lilly talks on matters of perspective

Being Britalian

What a time of it we’ve been having here in Abruzzo lately. Snow came and within an afternoon many towns and villages were cut off, our collection of houses overlooking the valley was stranded for 5 whole days as the lane was impassable; even taking the dog for a walk in the deep snow was a challenge.


Along with the inconvenience of snow we had power cuts, with as many as 100,000 homes without electricity for days. Water pipes froze, people lost their broadband connections and then came the rain. A deluge of epic proportions that threatened to be second only to the rains Noah had experienced turned the fields into swamps, the lane ran like a river and mud slid onto the now flooded roads.


During these frustrating times did we moan and complain? You bet we did, when people were able to get onto social media there were…

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6X6 Spring

Free entry! Writers please contact us by last day of Feb!

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In contrast to the previous post – these  Tesco GF white chocolate and cranberry biccies are Yummy!!!!






as are these!


Paris Delight

Taken me a while to think about this – but there is no other way – in order to take part in ‘cheese and biscuits’ over the festive season I bought a box of these.






Biiiiiig mistake. Not only do they lack discernible flavour, they also have (imho) the texture, colour and culinary appeal of plaster of paris.

Seriously to  be avoided!

Private Life of Elder Things reviewed

The Alchemy Press

front cover 003bThe Private Life of Elder Things by Adrian Tchaikovsky, Keris McDonald and Adam Gauntlett has received an excellent review on the Blasphemous Tomes website:

Although every story in The Private Life of Elder Things is a reinvention, none feels like a simple pastiche. It is all too easy to reuse elements of the work of Lovecraft and his peers in trite, obvious ways. Every story here makes its subject new and weird again, whether this is simply by moving it to an unusual setting or by transforming into something surprising.

What makes The Private Life of Elder Things stand out from most Mythos anthologies, however, is the emotional content and humanity of many of the stories. At its best, Lovecraftian fiction is unsettling, imaginative and weird, but it is rarely moving. The poignancy of stories like Season of Sacrifice and Resurrection and Devo Nodenti is all the more powerful for…

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