Tesco should hire me

Tesco should hire me today as a mystery shopper.

Let me say that the staff I spoke with were all superb. Polite and  helpful and more than willing to go that extra piece.  The lad on the checkout  had a smile and a chatter about produce and Christmas shopping –  and yes, in the interests of bouquets among the brickbats,  I stopped on my way out to compliment one of the floor managers on how polite the staff are. 

However –  also on today’s sortie I handed four  nets of satsumas that contained at least one split fruit each to an assistant. On the next aisle I had to ask fora cloth because every bottle of milk I picked up was dripping with spilled liquid due to a split bottle. (I did not want to put milk-soaked bottles in with the rest of my shopping.)

In both cases there was a level of health and safety – i.e. contaminated foodstuffs due to damage/spillage, so I had a element of self preservation but I try to ask for help with a smile.

All of this makes me wonder.  Am I the only person who notices that something needs attention? Or does everyone else just walk away on the grounds that it is not their problem?

Should I ignore these things as others do? Should I just walk away? Should I start shopping elsewhere?  Why do I let if bother me?

Getting old and grumpy I guess 🙂




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