With winter well under way there is little colour in the garden but indoors is rather a different matter. I have south facing windows that seem to be perfect for orchids and I take full advantage of it.

None of the blossoms to be found there are expensive plants – all were bought at the local greengrocers for under £5 each and they really are staggeringly easy to keep.  (The deeper pink plant has been flowering just about non-stop for over three years!)

I have heard many people say they cannot grow them  but here is my secret.

Rampant neglect!

Most plants are killed by kindness. Yes I do  apply orchid feed  about  every 4 to 6 weeks when they are in flower- but for the most part I do very little beyond admire these beauties. Water sparingly and never let them languish with their toes in standing water and they will reward you with colour all year round.

Buy a good orchid pot to put them in and they make spectacular xmas gifts!


Photos (c) Peter Coleborn

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