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With winter well under way there is little colour in the garden but indoors is rather a different matter. I have south facing windows that seem to be perfect for orchids and I take full advantage of it. Continue reading


Publishing: A lot of Smoke and Mirrors? – Jan Ruth

In which I’m made to eat my words as I come full circle through the maze of publishing to discover that the grass isn’t necessarily greener over there; it’s still mostly desert sc…

Source: Publishing: A lot of Smoke and Mirrors?

Reading Cafe #books #events #buymorebooks

News on the Winter 6×6 reading cafe for Dec 6th – City Central Library, Hanley.



Oddness #Skyr

I have often bemoaned the demise of the unsweetened fruit yoghurts available in the 60s/70s.  Almost all modern products are sickly sweet. Doubly so with many ‘free’ varieties that merely replace the bucket load of sugar with artificial sweeteners that to me at least taste as sweet and then some!

When Skyr came about I thought ‘yay’ …  but without wishing to be boring … Apple, Carrot & Ginger?

Having sampled this I think it might be termed ‘interesting’ … but the jury is out on whether I would repeat the  experience. I liked its fresh, tangy tones but something in the mix gave an odd aftertaste.

Image result for skyr carrot

I have yet to sample the Rhubarb & Beetroot still sitting in the fridge.Image result for skyr beetroot

Maybe I am old fashioned  but thus far  I prefer the Blueberry or Raspberry Skyr 🙂

Sneak Peek and Bon Voyage! – Nelli Rees

I have just finished and sent off to the publisher the first book in the series of “The Formidable Mrs Elizabeth Darcy”. Here is an excerpt – the Prologue. PROLOGUE The Jack Flash…

Source: Sneak Peek and Bon Voyage!

Book Gifting #bookgifting #buymorebooks

writing editingNow is the time of year when we are all busy buying gifts for people we love.  The best way to help any author is not just to buy their books for yourself but to buy them for others and pass the word!

Your friends get a great gift and your writing friends have their work out there with a new audience. It is a WIN WIN!

Failing that review a book your have loved and let people know about those hidden gems!

Guest blogs with books to offer are always welcome, or blogs on books you have loved in review.  Read all about how to take part HERE.


Comfort Zones – Debbie Bennett

Debbie Bennett talks about  moving outside of our comfort zone.