Cpt Georgi Ahoy

Always good to come across a good review! Comments taken from Peter Tennant’s https://trumpetville.wordpress.com/…/filler-content-from-t…/ on my story ‘The Decks Below’, which appears in Paul Finch’s ‘Terror Tales Of the Ocean’ anthology.

…those things would include Lovecraftian Old Ones, one of whose progeny appears in Jan Edwards’ story ‘The Decks Below’, in which an intelligence officer who specialises in the supernatural investigates what happened to the crew of a submarine. Reading between the lines, it seems clear that Captain Georgianna Forsythe has had other adventures, and this outing is a good advertisement for her back catalogue, with an original monster, some suitably repellent wet work, and an intriguing plot.

Review first appeared in Black Static #51 from TTA press

You may be pleased to know that a Captain Georgi collection is planned for 2017!



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