Fcon report

Older Fantasycon goers amongst us will remember the annual Fcon report that appeared in the BFS Newsletter/Bulletin/Prism following Fantasycon each year.

Modern media has seen its passing and in its place we have a plethora of reports from all sides, some are by people I know well, some hardly at all but I love reading them all.

Accounts of the journey to the Con, of panels and launches and meals in wonderful (and occasionally dodgy) restaurants. Meetings of all friends and forging of new alliances. It is what makes established conventions like Fantasycon such an event. I am not going to attempt to name the people I met over the weekend because I know I shall forget someone – you know who you are!!!

For some years now my Fantasycons have usually been spent sitting behind an every growing stock of Alchemy Press books  and this year was no exception.

I like being in the book room as in general most of the convention will go past you at some point.  This year was a little trickier as the dealers room was split into small units. I understand the logistics behind it but it did make for a quieter time for the sellers. Fortunately we were in the same room as PS publishing which always brings in the crowds 🙂

leinster cover front cover copy  The HWA event co-hosted by Jo Fletcher books was a good event – and being an HWA member I was able to display my own titles there!



The highlight of course was the launch for The Private Life of Elder Things and Something Remains. something-remains-a002front cover 003bIt was a little chaotic it must be said as there was no set up time scheduled between the previous panel and our launch and finding sufficient tables to seat  the many fabulous authors there to sign copies:

Allen Ashley, Stephen Bacon, Simon Bestwick, James Brogden, Ramsey Campbell, Mike Chinn, Gary Couzens, Sarah Doyle, Pauline Dungate, Jan Edwards, Paul Edwards, Terry Grimwood, Andrew Hook, Ian Hunter, Tom Johnstone, Tim Lebbon, Alison Littlewood, Keris McDonald, Gary McMahon, Adam Millard, Chris Morgan, Thana Niveau, Marion Pitman, John Llewellyn Probert, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Lynda Rucker, Steven Savile and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Listed above are the authors who were there in person to sign. Nicholas Royle, Simon Avery, David A Sutton, David Mathew, Simon McCullough, Matt Joiner, Mark Valentine, John Grant, Joe X Young and Adam Gauntlett are also in these fab books but sadly could not make it to the launch.

But we got by – with huge thanks to the patient authors for signing and purchasers for the mammoth task!

40 star_pe3Fantasycon has always been special to me. This was my 25th year. I met Peter at Fantasycon – but against him I am a mere beginner – this being his 40th Fcon anniversary. We have been on many a fantasycon committee – but are happy to let the young things do the running around these days!

Why do we keep coming back? Because Fcon is a family. Old members fade away and new ones come into being.  Yes, we have the mad uncles and aunties who entertain with their eccentricities. The beautiful young things who flutter through the crowds looking fabulous (frequently to become the mad ones in their turn), the all encompassing fatherly/motherly types that take newbies under their wings. There have been some spectacular family rows over the years – but that is families for you.

So that was Fcon 2016 – and looking forward to 2017 whatever that may bring!



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