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Dramatis personae (Penkhull Press)

Many novels, particularly the lengthier multi-volumes in the fantasy field, are packed with characters, some major, some minor, others appearing so intermittently that they can be easily forgotten.…

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Cpt Georgi Ahoy

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Water Spaniels? Misha Herwin

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6 Towns Curtain Call Show

Misha and I will be making another appearance this saturday afternoon on the Curtain Call Show with Becs and Rob. Continue reading

Miss Dilly & Co – smells

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Green Figs

figThis recipe supposedly uses up all of those unripe green figs that are still clinging on to your tree as autumn approaches.

Across most cooler climates is wise to remove any unripened  figs larger than a pea from your tree. This is because when larger fruit are left to overwinter not only will they seldom (if ever) ripen but they are also liable to deter new fruits from forming for the following season.

Not as successful as I had hoped!

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Musing on Muses

My latest blog on muses and blockages is up over at  Authors Electric Here