Thin Value


Whilst away for the weekend at a convention I went out at lunch time to see what GF snacks could be bought at M&S as the hotel had nothing to offer for the wheat-sensitive.

As I was running a book stall and had no access to a kitchen I needed something that did not require cooking but was not a cake, biscuit or rice cake.

When I came across  Mature Cheddar Thins With Red Onion Marmalade I bought them thinking they would be good to keep body and soul together for a few hours.

They cost just under £3 but as the box  was quite large they appeared to be a bargain. When I opened it I found approx 12? small biscuits around the diameter (and slightly thicker) of a £2 coin .

I bit into one… oh dear…

This product is not to be recommended unless your teeth are in tip-top condition because these darkish brown (over cooked) discs had the texture and tensile strength of slightly greasy concrete, with an odour (to me at least) somewhat  reminiscent of stale trainer insoles.

Perhaps I was unlucky and had a defective batch but judging by the sample I had M&S Mature Cheddar Thins With Red Onion Marmalade are – in my humble opinion – seriously to be avoided.

Overpriced,  overcooked and off my shopping list.

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