Threadbare – Real Time

Good words from Des Lewis for Threadbare – more reviews from Something Remains on Des’s review page


THREADBARE by Jan Edwards

“I would much prefer coffee, with a slug of brandy, […] The stoneware mug, the one with the moulded dragon curled around the belly, is tactile, almost animate when filled with warm liquid.”

…which echoes powerfully Grant’s use of ‘vessel’ to contain Lane, and it is the taste as expectation that counts. And I was completely disarmed by this story, by its utterly chilling Tarot session where past recriminations and broken affairs are transcended or made more bitter, a way of seeing or ‘reading’ things via the vessel this time of occult prestidigitation, as well as, later, by the real images in the texture evolved from the woman’s workaday loom, but also pareidoliac images within the snagging, teasing, worrying weft and weave, an effect that resonates with her evocative dreams of coldly urban Tyseley…as led by a fox to someone else’s lair or its own earth? The earth and fire of actually fulfilled recrimination?

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