Water Rights and Wrongs

downloadI go to the ladies only swim session purely because it tends to be less  prone to lane-hogs who plough up and down with complete disregard for others and usually it is a pleasant swim.
This morning I got there a few mins early  and because there were a lot of people in the middle of the pool (left over from aquarobics (?) class) and also because my asthma was playing up, I chose the pool side lane to swim so that I could grab the side if needed.
After about ten mins two women arrived who are also regulars and who I had noticed in passing  ‘always’ use that lane – I was about to find out how territorial people can be.
They  just jumped  in  and ploughed straight at  me – causing enough bow wave to wash over my head . They obviously assumed I would move.
Well by now there were a lot more ladies there and there were no clear swimming lanes – so I stayed where I was – pausing to grab the side every time they barged past.
After 3 lengths I realised all of the pool staff were ranged along the pool side watching me -grinning encouragement and nudging  each other – quite obviously waiting to  see if I was either  ploughed beneath the water and require rescuing – or was going to give way.
Neither one occurred.
A few more lengths and I realised that other regulars were grinning at me and giving a few thumbs up signals as I passed.
I was tempted to stay for more than my usual quota just to make a point – but frankly that seemed rather pointless.

If it matters to them so much I was happy to  let them have what they obviously saw as their territory. Judging from the reaction of those around us theirs was not the victory they imagined.


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