Is the penchant for photographing doors and pathways something innate to all of us? Or just me? Looking through some recent photos from walks etc I noticed a theme developing. (low res pics for ease of loading) I don’t profess to be a photographer – I recognise they are not special in any way  – just some images of the world around me.

through the heatherbridge into the woodpath woodstroll bridge

These 4 were taken early in the year along the disused Oakamoor railway line.

The frosted moss of the bridge wall made a pretty composition whilst the bridge itself seemed to invite you to walk into the woodland. Likewise the arching bridge spanning what was once the railway line. The woodland path leads up toward the famed Chained Oak of legend.


grave paht

This is Cheadle cemetery. A steep descent and a shady haven on a hot summer day.


alley stairway
One of the many alleys leading off the high st leading up to the hill overlooking the town. shot one from the High st and 2 taken a little further along.

steelguardiansshadow fence

these are from Tittesworth  reservoir. A locked gate that seems like a tiny fortress jutting out into the water (pumping station). the middle picture highlights several tall slender trees picked out by the sun and the shadowy of the fence on the path in the third fascinated me.

pines 1  This line of conifers in Hulme Park caught my eye because though they were obviously planted in serried rows one lone dark trunk bars the exit of this pine road.



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