Free From…

Morrisons_Free_From_4_Choc_Chip_Brownies_120g_5010251538202__T1Free From Choc Chip Brownies bought today.  For me it tasted like neat sugar and had all the texture of candy floss.

Took a look at the the back of the packet.

Per 100g  of which 41.2 are sugars!  Even allowing for the fact that some of that is apple concentrate that is an awful lot of sugar!  Not an experiment I shall be trying again.

Sadly so many shop-bought gluten free cakes and biscuits are high in sugar. Gluten free savoury snacks are hard-tack. Tooth shattering and lacking in taste (many are also high in salt) and both sweet and savoury are highly calorific. The only good thing about all of that is that I am not tempted to eat them which has to be good for the waist line.

Going to clean my teeth now…

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