Walking Meditation for the Writerly

When walking to the High Street I sometimes (health allowing) make a slight detour through the church yard. It is a beautifully peaceful place whatever the season.

It is a place where I often indulge in a walking meditation, and is frequently a place where plotting problems in writing can become clear – and/or inspire new work.

A few days ago I took my camera to capture its beauty – set as it is in the depths of the moorlands

a path


It was a second shot of the church from the hillside cemetery that reminded me of a book title…

a two towers

The Two Towers!

The second spire (left hand) is the famous Pugin Church, rising from beyond the CofE Parish Church. Both are named St Giles – go figure!  Is it me or does the Pugin spire always reminds other folks of a Vorlon spaceship?

Keeping to a fantasy theme we have…a broken

one of several graves from which the occupants appear to have escaped!  Does Buffy know?

More curious are the tips of markers jutting out of the sward.
a sunken stones

Are those inhabitants, I wonder, burrowing their way down, instead of up?

a graves

The old part of the yard, closest the the church, has many old markers. Some leaning or broken.

a waiting

Other standing to attention, waiting for the call.

a unmarked-graves

Whilst more still have no stones at all – marked only by serried undulations.

a silent congregation

Some seem to be placed so that those within may listen to sermons as they once did in life, or perhaps they are crowding the doors hoping to be allowed in?

Call it inspiration – call it research  – for any writer, particularly of horror and crime,  the average cemetery its a veritable  wonderland of potential!


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