Audio Transmission

moriartyWay back last year I had a story titled ‘The Jamesian Conundrum’ included by the lovely Maxim Jakubowski  in  The Mammoth Book of the Adventures of Moriarty: The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes’s Nemesis.  

This volume  is also available in kindle and paper formats, which I have, but I am ashamed to say it was only today that I got round to hearing it read by Toby Longworth on the audiobook edition.

It was quite an odd experience hearing your own words read out in a different voice, and in particular by a professional actor of Toby Longworth’s calibre.  Not just odd, but also humbling. If you will excuse the swollen head (and ego) moment  it doesn’t sound at all bad!

As the story progressed I noted a few minor glitches of my making – that is to say words and phrases that I would undoubtedly change if I had the opportunity – but that old saying “I never finish a story – it just gets taken away” might have been written about me. I don’t think I have ever written anything that I would  not re-tweak and titivate for ever given half the chance!

*thinks* how can I get my crime book Winter Downs set up as an audio file for it launch later this year without costing  an arm and a leg… 


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