Ms Magneto On 6Towns Radio

Misha Herwin and I appeared on the Curtain Call show on 6Towns Radio on Saturday  with hosts Becs and Rob – and as always we had a blast . 

13891970_1674281266231241_4344635705025138912_nOur mission was to discuss the local writing groups that we are part of  – namely Newcastle Library group (every other Saturday at Newcastle-under-Lyme library) and Renegade Writers (7pm every Wednesday at The Ale House, Bridge St, Newcastle-under-Lyme).

We also gave the autumn 6X6 reading event a quick plug.

This was our third outing on the show and we are starting to feel quite at home at the microphones.  The microphones sadly seem to have a problem with me and for the third time running show host Rob reported an odd ‘crackling’ noise coming through the mics.

The mystery crackle was not there before we arrived and presumably was absent after we left – and was only present on the mic closest to me. The studio was very warm – as it often is  – but despite turning of the fans (hence my slightly flushed face in picture) the noise persisted until Rob moved the Mic. slightly away from me.

I never touched them – honest – but somehow my very presence seems to send the pick-ups into a static tizz – no surprise to any that know me! Ms Magneto strikes again!

Yet despite that we have an invite to return to the show next month! Look our for us on the Curtain Call show in September!

Hopefully ‘crackle’ free this time.




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