Revamping the Blog

I was recently sent an article on author profiles – i.e.  the details that should be included when publicising yourself and your work. Now the original piece was all about publicity handouts but I decided that it could also count at least in part  for my blog page. 


1/ Contact information – check (see my contact page)

2/ Author photos – always a tricky one. I hate having photos taken! but I have put up some that are a couple of years old but will be good until I get around to having more recent one taken. (wonder who I can get to take those…)

3/ Biography – essentially a blog is all about biography – but 50 words of who am I duly posted on my About page (with the photo).

4/ Awards – I have one  award – and half of another, but I ahve been short-listed for several others (needs details to be listed).

5/ Bibliography – Lists and pics of publications galore!

I am sure I can still tweak – and doubtless my page could do with a new ‘look’ (been using this template for a while now) but one step at a time!

But meanwhile the info (like the truth) is out there.

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