No gluten free cakes in our local Morrisons today  to offer guests (apart from the almond slices which from the taste are apparently made from 80% sugar bleugh!!!)So I thought – make a cake. *simples*.

Ginger cake was Peter’s request. Okay, think I, that is easy.

Go the the cupboard and, ah… no golden syrup.

Okay – substitute with a mixture of black treacle and honey.

Weigh out gf flour etc – and ah… no ground ginger. Okay get some crystallised ginger and blitz it and mix in some mixed spice and extra cinnamon.

No stem ginger – chop up more chunks of crystallised alternative.

Needs syrup from stem ginger – ah, none of that either.. substitute with maple syrup.

I have no idea what this is going to turn out like. Cooking as I type. Smells okay but the proof is in the eating!



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