Time keeping

One of the things instilled into me by my mother was time keeping.  I.E. if you say you will be at X place as Y time  then unless you have suffered a  catastrophic occurrence  such as your leg dropping off, you WILL be there!

expletiveYesterday someone had booked an appointment via the estates agents to view our house. I stipulated an earlier time than they asked for because we were going out – and we duly waited for them to arrive – and waited – and waited.

Now you know how it is when you are selling a house. Neither Peter nor I are neat freaks so having tidied and cleaned we were reluctant to prepare food and make a mess – so we waited hungrily – for 2+ hours –  before finally hurrying off to our meeting.

These house hunters – who so desperately wanted to view our house that they begged for an appointment, knowing we were making an exception changing plans just to accommodate them – could not be arsed to turn up.

Okay – stuff happens , but in these days of smart phones et al would letting us know have killed them? Even if their  leg HAD dropped off… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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