card 006Hiatus – is a word that seems to cover my writing output at the moment.  It isn’t that old favourite writers’ block. I have several short stories to write and two novels pretty much ready to roll with follow-ons for both to complete. 

But… the muse has gone, if not awol then on a work to rule at very least.

To be fair some of the delays are beyond my control. My crime novel that is with editors as I type and I can do nothing with that beyond sit on my hands and wait for the report. Yes I could write book 2 – but until the plot lines for bk 1 are imortalised in ink bk 2 can’t  get under way.

Ditto on an urban fantasy series.

There is an episodic pulp novel almost completed and at least two Holmesian short stories required.

I have plenty to do!

Why is everything marking time? Well… a/ the other half is awaiting surgery  and having cleared the decks for those few months it is hard to get the impetus for anything before hand. And b/ we are hoping to move house this year.

So I sit staring at the screen wondering what to write and dossing about on Facebook far more than I should.  Come October things will sort themselves out, but meanwhile I shall just enjoy a hiatus in the summer sun!

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