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A Radio Date

Misha Herwin and I shall be on the Becs and Rob Curtain Call show on 6 Towns radio  tomorrow (30th July) talking about bookish things!

Should be around 5ish but tune in from 4.30 onwards!



Revamping the Blog

I was recently sent an article on author profiles – i.e.  the details that should be included when publicising yourself and your work. Now the original piece was all about publicity handouts but I decided that it could also count at least in part  for my blog page.  Continue reading


No gluten free cakes in our local Morrisons today  to offer guests (apart from the almond slices which from the taste are apparently made from 80% sugar bleugh!!!) Continue reading

o/t: Something Remains/Joel Lane

Something Remains


Something Remains A002

The hugely talented writer Joel Lane, best known for his dark fantasy, died far too young in 2013. He left behind him scattered notes for a myriad of stories that he’d never gotten around to writing, and it occurred to Pauline Dungate that a suitable memorial to him might be a charity anthology in which other writers used Joel’s notes as the basis for new, preferably Joel-esque stories.

I was highly honored when The Alchemy Press’s Peter Coleborn asked me to be a contributor to the anthology, and even more so when my story was accepted.

The book is not a slender tome; the e-ARC I’ve seen weighs in at a hefty 374 pages, though of course that may not be the final printed tally. All profits go to the charity Diabetes UK.

Something Remains is going to be launched at this year’s Fantasycon (23-25 September 2016), in Scarborough…

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Time keeping

One of the things instilled into me by my mother was time keeping.  I.E. if you say you will be at X place as Y time  then unless you have suffered a  catastrophic occurrence  such as your leg dropping off, you WILL be there! Continue reading


card 006Hiatus – is a word that seems to cover my writing output at the moment.  It isn’t that old favourite writers’ block. I have several short stories to write and two novels pretty much ready to roll with follow-ons for both to complete.  Continue reading

Spooks Deadline — 6×6 ReadingCafe

The submissions window for our September 6X6 cafe is now OPEN! Closes 31st August!

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