Opening Teasers

Opening lines from ‘Grey Magic For Cat Lovers’  Just one of the stories included in Fables and Fabrications!

front cover copyTHERE WAS SOMETHING about a new book that could thrill Kara beyond all else. That satin softness of a pristine dust jacket. That crisp cut closeness of unread pages. That indefinable waft of ink and invitation. Once opened – once the pages had been ruffled through – it could never be so new again.

She was no stranger to impulse buys, but this book was so far out of her comfort zone it almost hurt. It recaptured that sense of the forbidden she hadn’t experienced since she’d sneaked strawberries from Granddad’s allotment, or prowled the derelict house at the end of Ellie Motsam’s street.

Kara reached out to smooth Bug’s fur. ‘Maybe it’s a matter of degrees?’ she asked the grey-striped felines. ‘When a life is ruled by rules – it goes without saying that any rule breaking is a step in the right direction. Or the wrong one. Hey Bug? Tug?’

Bug yawned and stretched; Tug merely stared.


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