Band Wagon or (Wheat-free) Gravy Train?

breadIt has been been fashionable to poke fun at Wheat-Free diets and assume that anyone not actively Ceoliac is somehow faking it or merely following some deeply suspect food fad.

Being cynical by nature I had my own doubts so when my GP suggested a wheat-free diet I will admit to being sceptical. But – working on the grounds that anything is worth a try – I launched into the world of wheat-free.

Several months later  I am more than willing to say I was wrong.  My Fibromyalgia levels have decreased!

As always I did my research and found numerous small studies made over recent years in the area. One such study on links between Fibromyalgia and non-celiac gluten sensitivity was reported in Rheumatology International, whose conclusion states: This (report) shows that remarkable clinical improvement can be achieved with a gluten-free diet in patients with FM, even if CD has been ruled out, suggesting that non-celiac gluten sensitivity may be an underlying treatable cause of FM syndrome.

An interesting development and one to watch.

Yet the more I read about the recent links between fibro and wheat the more I wonder why this is occurring. Human-kind has been eating wheat for a very long time without this level of sensitivity.

So my next question is – does this phenomenon come from the grain itself? The way it is now grown? Is the rise in agricultural pesticides etc transferring to the grain in greater quantities? Is the increasingly mechanised drying and storage a factor?  Interesting questions that I shall pursue.

Meanwhile, though I still suffer fibro pain, it and other symptoms have been reduced by some margin. I have yet to see a return of energy levels from the ME, but that may be an entirely different deal. And the accompanying weight loss of (to date) 1.25 stone is a happy by-product 🙂

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