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Miss Dilly & C0 – The Caring/Sharing Crew

Helen was been taking photos for me of various items to be listed on ebay – one of which was a dress suit belonging to Peter, but which is now several sizes to large for him. Continue reading


Funny old week

This has been a strange week – in fact its been a pretty off month – on odd year!  I have read in various places about the seven year cycle – where your life changes every seven years and moves on.

True to form my own life seems to buck that trend because my life seems to re-invent itself every ten years which made me wonder whether other lives ran along set timelines. Be it five years or seven of ten  or even more. (And this before we even THINK about the EU…)

Something to think about.

Ms Magneto: sound engineer

Some weeks I managed to stop Misha’s watch merely by sitting next to her on car journey to Leominster. (The watch restarted when we got out of the car.) Continue reading

6Towns today

I shall be on 6Towns radio, along with writer, Misha Herwin, talking about our books Fables and Fabrications and Picking up the Pieces with The Curtain Call Show’s ‘Becs and Rob’.

Pick us up online here between 4.45 and 5.15! (give or take a few minutes 🙂  )

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Front over for Blog

When Research Gets In The Way!

Research should be two things:

A/ accurate; names, dates etc need to be right!

B/ invisible; your reader should never be ever be treated to a lecture on any one topic, however brief and however much you really want to use that information you spent three weeks reading up on.

Continue reading

House keeping those platforms

Building platforms for your writing is always tricky, and potentially unwieldy with so many threads to look after.  For some time I have followed the trend of launching a new Facebook page for every book as it comes out, but once you get a few of them its so hard to keep track and update then regularly enough to attract footfall.

After much thought I decided to ‘merge’ all of my various Facebook pages dedicated to individual book titles into one page.
cropped-feb-2016.gifNot a huge change as changes go but easier to house keep (I hope)

So if you are on Facebook then go and like Jan Edwards Books!

Cake at 6X6

front cover copyReading from Fables and Fabrications tonight at 6X6 – its first real-time outing!   Buy a copy tonight and get a  slice of cake for free!