Old Publications

I have been searching for several of my early publication credits, which I was certain lurked in the dark recesses of the house somewhere, for months – years – decades!

Today I found two of them!

visionary tongue #6One  is Visionary Tongue #6, 1997, edited by Eloise Coquio.  An A5 folded stapled small press publication which also contained  items by Storm Constantine, Katherine Roberts, Tim Lebbon, David Rain, Simon Williams and a dozen more. Excellent company to start my writing career.




front cover copy

The main reason for my most recent search for this book is that the story ‘Abused and Him’ appears in my latest collection Fables and Fabrications.




The second mag to come to light contains one of my very first publication credits, dating back to  August 1994 – an SF story titled ‘Martha’s Place’.

W.I.T #9W.I.T magazine, a local Sussex publication edited by Ben Scott at the Horsham Bookshop. W.I.T was an A4 stapled fanzine sold in aid of various local charities.   I had stories included in three previous WIT’s but they sadly appear to have vanished forever.




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