Miss Dilly and Co – the Charlie story continues…

dilly-queen-smallA week or so back I mentioned a neighbour’s cats, Charlie and Leo, who are trying very hard to move in with us.

This is a  tricky situation when you know full well where the critters  belong, and have told the owner what her charges are up to.

This week Charlie’s sibling, Leo, has also begun timid sorties into the kitchen. Talking to various neighbours it seems that we are not the only ones to be fending off  the feline thieves. Charlie and Leo are trying to scrounge a meal from kitchens all along the street, and given that both are quite gaunt one has to assume they are very hungry kitties…

On Sunday Charlie was making a determined attack on the Jackdaws nesting in the Pub chimneys next door, and being mobbed for his pains. Peter and I watched him with great trepidation as the birds dived at him – twice coming very close to  knocking him off the slanting tiles. Poor Charlie eventually reached the relative safety of a lower roof section, from where he viewed his nemeses for a few moments,  with that great floofy tail swishing defiantly.   The birds stared down at him from the very top chimney, from which vantage point  they continued to hurl raucous abuse.  Charlie eventually walked to the other end of the shed and sat with his back to them whilst he gave his paws and ears a ‘much needed’ statement wash, before slinking off into the depths of the fir hedge. Ten minutes later he was back at our door  waiting to dash in the moment it opened.

The only other cats I have ever seen attempting to raid the Jackdaw colony was some six years back when two starving elderly cats were turfed out by their owner further down the street.  The roof being tackled is quite high and very steep –  not a feat I would imagine any well fed and contented cat would ever contemplate.

Yesterday Peter went in to make tea (we had been out in the garden enjoying the sun) to be greeted by Charlie, who was licking his lips having cleared the bowls of every scrap that our fussy trio had rejected. We have no idea how long he (Charlie) was in the house, or how he got in, given that the accessible doors and windows were all closed.

I have three cats and do not need a fourth and possibly fifth, so here is hoping  some other house  in the vicinity is more appealing than ours! Though cats being cats… we may not have a choice.

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