Miss Dilly and Co: Open House

dilly-queen-smallSometimes  I wonder if there is a sign above our door in a secret Catese script that declares the premises to be open house for felines.

Our latest infiltrator is a very pretty long haired calico by the name of Charlie.  He is a handsome lad with long whiskers and floofy tail and has been strutting  around  our garden  the past couple of weeks with Leo – his marmalade cohort ( and possibly sibling? – they are of similar age)  like a pair of  Regency  dandies.

Our own three monsters are completely  unperturbed  by their presence. Perhaps because they are very young, or possibly that they are cool, calm kitties.

Now – the garden is one thing. But for the past week Charlie has been making repeated attempts to move in. Again aided and abetted by our own tribe.

The moment I leave a door or window open young Charlie is IN. Okay, let’s be clear, his ulterior motive is doubtless food. He makes a beeline for the bowls and scoffs whatever the residents have left at double quick speed – necking whatever is on offer like a starving tripe-hound.

On Saturday morning I went to call the mob in for breakfast and had four cats seated in a semi-circle around the back door, waiting patiently to be let in.
Dilly Dumpling (check); Betty Poop (check); Oberon (check), and Charlie…

Hang on a minute… Charlie Boy, you do not live here!

Now I have no objection to Charlie’s presence per se. He  is very sweet natured, I have no objection to my own cats being sufficiently
laid back to accept his presence without objection.

But the fact remains he is  NOT our cat!!!

This morning I popped round to the neighbour (they had handily put a house number on Charlie’s collar tag) and told her what was occurring – adding that I  really was not  complaining -that he is a lovely cat –  I  was only concerned that she might wonder where he was getting to – or think that we are encouraging him.

Cats have a habit of deciding where they will live so I suspect we shall have him moving in at least part time.  I will continue placing him on top of the wall dividing gardens and telling him to go home.

Somehow I don’t think he is listening…


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