I love cats and have included two cat stories in Fables and Fabrication.  One of the things I like about cats is their inscrutability and independence.  Whatever they might try to convince you of  a cat deigns to liver with you, and unless you lock the doors and windows a better offer from the house down the road will be taken up should they feel so inclined.

The cover of Fables and Fabrications is a version of Le Chat Noir by Théophile Steinle, (1859-1923) . I love the expression in the feline’s face, one od mischief, bordering on demonic, that promises all kinds of mayhem to come.

‘Grey Magic for Cat Lovers’  has already has been mentioned.

The second feline extravaganza included in the collection  is ‘Pet Therapy’. This was written  for Demonologia Biblica, vol one  of Tres Liborum Peohibitorum – a horror Triptych edited by Dean Drinkel for Western Legends.   Le Chat Noir encapsulates the my imagining of the a strange cat who comes calling on the hospice in the dead of night.

‘Green Tea’ is another matter altogether. First published in Salvo 8, in 2015. ‘Green Tea’, arose from an acquaintance banging on about the medicinal benefits of elderberries. The theme is sibling rivalry – the outcome is far from sisterly habits as most people would view them.

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Fables and Fabrications is available in paper and kindle editions HERE.

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