Fairytales Amongst the Fables

In need of a little brightness today so I am highlighting  two slightly comic stories from the fourteen included in Fables and Fabrications.

Folklore is a rich seam to be mined for fiction of any kind but especially for fantasy in all its forms. Both of these stories were written for specific markets and in both cases I just took the themes offered and had some fun!

Father Grim Cover

‘Jack Jumps Out of the Box’ first appeared in Father Grimm’s Story Book  via Wicked East Press in 2012. Working along the Roger Rabbit line of fiction the eternal ‘Jack’ of a thousand fairytales and nursery rhymes is on the lam, pursued by a crafty old, red-haired, gumshoe for the name by the name or D’Ranyer (think about it). I love noir fiction and this seemed an ideal vehicle. The image of a vulpine detective standing in the shadows in mac and fedora was irresistible.


Grimm PNG

‘Princess Born’, which was published in Grim and Grimmer #1 by Fringe Works in 2013,  can only be described as a gag. The characters are taken from a well known fairy tale. I leave it to the reader to decide whether there are overtones of more modern personalities.

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