Mayday Fables

front cover copyBeing  Mayday it seems the perfect time to mention ‘Mayday Comes Askew’,  just one of the fourteen stories included in Fables & Fabrications.  


tales from the greenmantle

‘Mayday Comes Askew’ was first published in Tales from the Greenmantle  in 2011.  Greenmantle  is a Pagan magazine, and Mayday Comes Askew’ is a gag for the pagan community,  an in joke of a kind. It asks what the old pagan deities’ reactions were to Oliver Cromwell’s ban all of the old holidays such as Beltane and Yule; in this case the pagan festival that was  Mayday in England, Calan Mai in Wales , Beltane in Ireland and Scotland, though the predominant Goddess of the May was Flora – a Roman. Such are the intricacies of the world we live in.



In deference to my pagan leanings – and the snow that we have had over the past week – I am highlighting another  Fables & Fabrications  title,  ‘Thirteenth Day’. This one appeared in the online magazine, Estronomicon in 2011. It was nominated for a BFS award but not shortlisted.  ‘Thirteenth Day’,  stays not only with the theme of pagan legends but also the pagan festivals. In this case  the Winter Solstice festival also known as  Yule or Midwinter. In this retelling of  this section of the Wheel I have combined the notion of the Wild Hunt with the unending Wheel (circle of seasons) played out between Holly and Oak Kings, with the added prompt of an old (possibly pagan) Scottish carol that gave rise to ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. Inspiration from many sources there!

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