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Tales From the Lake #2

Just spotted a review on  by LAS Reviewer for Tales from The Lake Vol.2 that speaks on my story Bone  Wary 🙂
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Renegade Readers May 26th 2015

Renegade Readers met at Newcastle-under-Lyme Library and as always an eclectic mix of pieces were read out and as usual there were some rather interesting crossovers. The pieces read out included: …

Source: Renegade Readers May 26th 2015

Mollusc Might

I weeded the raised veg beds today and found that the molluscs have eaten every single lettuce and most of the carrot seedlings.

Chickweed they ignore, as they do speedwell and jack-by-the-hedge and every other weed – just went straight for the good stuff…



Much as I hate to relent I feel the purchase of several buckets of slug pellets coming on.


(picture pre raised beds)

Old Publications

I have been searching for several of my early publication credits, which I was certain lurked in the dark recesses of the house somewhere, for months – years – decades! Continue reading

Books of Influence

Jan - WritingI received a “vaguebook” meme  recently asking folks to “Name fifteen authors who’ve influenced you and that will always stick with you”.

This is surprisingly hard to do.

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Leominster Festival

front cover copyThis Monday (bank holiday) I shall be at the Grange at Leominster Festival 

along with fellow authors Misha Herwin and Jem Shaw for a day of readings, and with Peter Coleborn of Alchemy Press for some hard core bookselling!


Crimefest 2016

2016-05-20 14.32.35I spent this past weekend at Crimefest in Bristol with fellow writers Debbie Bennett, Jenny Barber and Pat Barber. This was partly a girl’s trip, but having had a couple of Holmesian short stories in print, and having written a crime novel set in 1941, which needs a home, it was also my chance to examine the world of Crime writing from the inside.

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