Fables and Fabrications : 9 days to go

Just 9 days to launch for Fables and Fabrications  and the first Amazon and Goodreads reviews have been posted!

FandF has arrived BIn collating the 14 dark fantasy stories included in  Fables & Fabrications I took the opportunity to highlight a selection from my infrequent dalliances in the world of poetry.  I have been very lucky in having the few that I have written accepted in publications.  My poems tend to be more mainstream than my short fiction, though some have a darker element to them.

Two of the poems chosen arose from my Eng.Lit studies.
‘City Canal’ is a Villanelle (defined as a poetic form consisting of five tercets followed by a quatrain with two refrains and two repeating rhymes, with the first and third line of the first tercet repeated alternately until the last stanza, which includes both repeated lines.) Yes,  I know, it sounds complicated but it really is not – and great fun to compose. ‘City Canal’ was first published in  the Whispers in the Wind poetry anthology from Anchor Press in 2001. This  piece  was an attempt to highlight the pollution and decay of urban living.

‘Corinna’s Reply’ (first published in Salvo 7, CHWG 2003) is an exercise in not merely transposing classical verse but also in constructing an alternate view. In this case my brief was to reply to a section of Christopher Marlowe’s  translation of Ovid’s Amores.  Corinna is lusted after – but how does she feel about being the object of such possessive passion?

Two other poems in Fables & Fabrications were written on a whim.

‘Time’s Excuses’ (first published in Through Clouds of Despair. Triumph House 2001) is a piece of doggerel written for a bet… (Don’t ask!)

‘Wind Blows the Oaks’ (first published inSalvo 7, CHWG 2003) is exactly what  it says on the can – emotions engendered by the sound of a gale rushing through the tree tops.

Two final poems (haiku aside) are more personal.

‘Old Hat’(first published in Salvo 6 CHWG, 2000) arose from a remembered moment  of embarrassing my teenage son to such an extent, by wearing a black velvet hat with a large red velvet rose on the side, that he crossed the street so as not to be seen out with me. (A reprise of my mother, circa 1969, crossing the street to disassociate herself from my bare feet and hippy beads ((and floppy hat as it would happen)) that were the teenage uniform of the time). I have, it seems, always been the family square-peg.

‘You And Me Pop’ (public performance, Dysprosium, April 2015) is the most personal piece of all. Written after the death of my father it specifically recalls the faded tattoo on his right arm, gained somewhere in Italy circa 1945 during his Naval service.

Fables & Fabrications also includes a number of Haiku – a traditional form of Japanese poetry consisting of three lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have five syllables and the middle line has seven. The lines rarely rhyme. I have always liked to write haiku. They are the work of minute that can capture a scene or moment so beautifully. I believe some may have been previously published but I cannot recall where or when, so apologies to any magazine for not mentioning them in the credits.

So there they are – the poems of Fables & Fabrications  that are sprinkled throughout the fiction as light relief.  I hope people who buy Fables & Fabrications will read them and enjoy them.

Available in Paper and Kindle editions HERE.


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