Miss Dilly and Co

dilly-queen-smallAnyone with cats will know that single immutable truth about our feline overlords — namely that  whatever you give them to eat will NOT be that which they are willing to consider sniffing at – much less eat, nor will ever eat, until Satan is spotted purchasing his first pair of ice skates.

So – keep that in mind when I tell you the familiar tale of  three cats refusing point blank to eat the food set out for them in the kitchen.

We- who-must-obey realise that board meetings are held in secret locations where feline-kind decide which brand of  cat food is out of favour for the coming week.  This invariably, if not inevitably, coincides with whatever particular product you have recently bought in bulk because they ‘have’ been eating it, and which currently on offer at the supermarket.  This same brand will, of course, be placed back on the ‘to eat’ list once you have donated all remaining stock to the Pet Home charity dump bin at the afore mentioned supermarket.

This morning the bowl of food untouched from last evening by all three of our monsters was placed outside the kitchen door ready for whomever was next going past the bin  to dispose of.

It is there for less that three minutes before our Miss Dilly is there at the trough and scoffing the lot!

*sigh* CATS!

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