Breaking through writer’s block.

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Misha Herwin

Got an great idea for a new novel but can’t get started? When that happened to me recently I discovered a great way to break through the block.

The sea at Kerala
I went on holiday.

After months of wrestling with the problems of structure, I decided I’d had enough. We were going away to Vietnam and Laos for two weeks and I wasn’t going to take my lap top, or notebook, or anything even remotely to do with writing.

At the last minute, however, I weakened and packed laptop, for purposes of emailing only, and notebook, because I can’t go anywhere without one, not even to the supermarket.

Am I glad I did.

After a night at the airport hotel, we checked to Terminal 4 at Heathrow. Mike had booked us in to a lounge and after a leisurely breakfast I sat back in my armchair to read the paper and look out…

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