The End of an Era

Misha’s Smart Phone Blues

Traveller in Time

My old phone
Yesterday I bought a new phone. At long last I’ve upgraded myself to the 21st century. My smart phone will do all sorts of things I haven’t yet discovered, including giving me the ability to keep in touch with my family when we travel to the Far East. All to the good, but there is a part of me that feels rather sad.

After all, there was nothing wrong with my dear old Nokia. It’s lived in my handbag for years and it never let me down. Its screen might be a little scratched, but it can still do the basic stuff,  like making calls, taking messages, sending texts. It takes photos too and in theory has an email function, though it and I have never come to grips with that.

Still the time has come to say goodbye. The girl in the EE shop understood. She said it was like saying goodbye to a friend…

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