Windfalls or Just Fallen

Peter and I went for a short walk along the old railway lines at Oakamoor yesterday. It was a cold and frosty morning and being a flat route is something I can manage well enough.

We took cameras of course. Though I don’t profess to be the photographer that Peter is I still like to take shots of things that take my fancy.







Ice in a tyre track for example








Sheep in a field that is half submerged by frozen flood water.








Mysterious bridges leading who knows where.








Sunlit paths








Gothic houses across a frosted marsh.







Bridge parapets covered in frosted moss and ferns









Then – along the edge of the path – I came across a scattering of windfallen crab apples.

Stepping off the path I bent to get a lower level shot of the contrasting colours – overbalanced – did a complete backward somersault and landed facing the way I had come!

Realising there were other walkers coming into view who had almost certainly seen my impromptu acrobatics  I did the only thing I could do…






…  I sat quite nonchalantly in the leaf litter and took a few shots of the nearby bridge.

Because quite obviously that was what I had intended to do all the long…    *cough*, *cough*

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