Jan’s 2015 revisited and 2016 ready to role

As we tip into 2016 what of the past year? and what do I have planned for coming twelve months? Well first of all those new year resolutions.

Mine for this year are:
• To waste less time on vague-booking and get some work done!
• To get fit (or at least try – long running issues mean a marathon is never going to be on the cards but some proper walks would be a start!)
• Get out there and catch up with people – I know I have been something of a hermit over the past couple of years and really need to be out there more! So look out world!

On a more philosophical note I always see new year as a time of reflection. It can be a time of sadness and regret when I remember those people who are no longer around – who have passed on or who have dropped out of my life through circumstance.

But new year is also a time of happiness and anticipation as I look back on what I have done with friends and family; and look forward to the next twelve months in their company.  (None more so than my best buddy, Peter xxx)

This is the time of year when we review our achievements and voice our hopes for what is to come. In this household that planning mainly revolves around publishing and writing so if you are not into books you can stop reading now 🙂

Here goes with my personal writerly round-up.

Three of my short stories made it into print during 2015:
• ‘Drawing Down The Moon’ saw light if day in The Grimorium Verum from Western Legends Publications – the third in a trio of anthologies edited by Dean Drinkel.
• Then in October came ‘Jamesian Conundrum’ in The Mammoth Book of the Adventures of Moriarty from Robinson, edited by Maxim Jakubowski.
• And finally ‘The Decks Below’ in Terror Tales of the Ocean,  Gray Friar Press, edited by Paul Finch

Then came Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties, published by Alchemy Press (in kindle and paper format). A collection of supernatural tales from my back catalogue and is listed in the BFAwards Best Collection (thanks to whoever nominated it!).

There were two more short stories accepted in 2015, but these have  tipped over into early 2016 for publication. I had hoped for a novel to see light of day with an ‘unnamed’ press in 2015. This project fell foul of the editor’s ill health, amongst other things. It happens –  but plans are afoot for it to rise another day in a slightly different format.

Alchemy Press published no less than seven collections during 2015!
• Dead Water & Other Weird Tales by David A Sutton
• Evocations by James Brogden
• Give Me These Moments Back By Mike Chinn
• Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties: The ghost stories of Jan Edwards
• Monsters by Paul Kane.
• Music From the Fifth Planet by Anne Nicholls
• Music in the Bone by Marion Pitman

There are several collections that were held over for publication in 2016, plus new projects still in planning – so keep eyes peeled for those!

Alchemy Press was also short-listed in no less than four categories for the BFAwards
and went in to win the Best Collection with Nick Nightmare Investigates by Adrian Cole.

Penkhull Press was a little quiet over 2015 – as it concentrated on pushing the titles out in late 2014, but has several title ready for launch in the spring, not least being my collection of short fiction and poetry Fables and Fabrications.

What is there to expect from my pen in 2016? Well there are those two delayed short stories due out quite soon. There is the collection with Penkhull Press, plus at least one novel.

I completed three novels during 2015, two of which are currently sitting on publishers desks waiting for the big thumbs up or down moment – no telling what will happen with those! I await judgement with nails suitable gnawed upon. The third is in revamp mode. I have been asked for short stories for at least five anthologies (possibly six) for this coming year. A novel to re-edit and two sequels to complete. And then there is the editing of a proposed Urban Mythic 3 with Jenny Barber on the cards.

It just remains for me to wish you a happy New Year! May all your hopes, dreams and resolutions be successful!

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