Chocolate Truffles

I have been looking for my old truffle recipe and finally found it handwritten and tucked into another book.
It is quite an old recipe and in deference to the modern sensibilities over using raw egg yolks I have made a rather yummy substitution.truffles

8 oz good dark chocolate
4 tbls butter
2 tbls strong coffee
2 egg yolks or… see below!
2 tbls ground almonds
6 tbls icing sugar
More chocolate to cover

  • Method
  • Melt chocolate and butter.
    Add in rest of ingredients – and here is where the optional ingredient comes in – instead of egg yolks add a teaspoon of glycerine and several tablespoons of Baileys Chocolate Liqueur.
    Put the mix into the fridge for a few mins to harden off a little (not too long of moulding them will be harder to do).
    Shape into pieces (a heaped teaspoon is a good amount).
    Leave to harden off a little
    Coat in good quality dark chocolate.
    If you want to add any sprinkles or other decoration to the tops now is the time.
    Leave to harden and transfer to an airtight box and store in a cool place (*not the fridge as this can cause sweating which discolours the chocolate coating).

Unlike traditional truffles made with cream ganache these will keep for a few weeks so are ideal as gifts, but I would not advice for too long – maybe 3 to 4 weeks tops. They may keep longer but I’ve never had them hang around long enough to test that theory!

I suspect almost any liqueur would do here but Baileys has the added ‘cream’ texture and blends well with the coffee.


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