Wicked Women Anniversary Interview: Juliet E. McKenna

Wicked Women interviews: Juliet E McKenna

Jenny Barber

Kicking off the Wicked Women Anniversary Blogfest, we’re very pleased to welcome Juliet E. McKenna – one of the legends of British fantasy and author of the Wicked Women story ‘Win Some, Lose Some.’

Juliet McKenna-colour-smallTell us a little about yourself and what you like to write:

I’m a middle-aged British woman whose hobbies range from knitting and embroidery to wargaming and the martial art of aikido. I’ve been reading history, fantasy and myth for as long as I can remember, which is well over four decades now. I read all sorts of other things as well but speculative fiction is what I like to write, primarily epic fantasy. But not necessarily dealing with the affairs of kings and wizards. I like to look at the ways these stories can involve more ordinary people. People more like me. As well as mages and dragons.

How long have you been writing and…

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