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Guesting on Authors Electric

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‘Sparks 2’ out now

Just received my copy of Sparks: a year in e-publishing 2.

sparks 2This is a round-up of blogs published on the Authors Electric  A site that “Explore(s) the exciting new world of ebooks with 29 authors who meet here daily to gossip, laugh, and share tips on writing and independent publishing.”

This collection of blog posts written and selected by Authors Electric during 2014-15 covers a wide range of topics and includes practical and informative ‘how to’ guides, reflective discourses and a few that will raise a smile, an eyebrow – or possibly both.

Sparks 2 includes such authors as Susan Price, Pauline Fisk, Debbie Bennett, Chris Longmuir and many more!
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Have a good time folks!


Wicked Women Anniversary Interview: Adrian Tchaikovsky

Wicked Women Anniversary Interview: Adrian Tchaikovsky talks to Jenny Barber

Jenny Barber

And today, my lovelies, we’re rolling into the holidays with the author of Wicked Women story ‘This Blessed Union’ – Adrian Tchaikovsky, take it away!

Tell us a little about yourself and what you like to write

Adrian_Tchaikovsky_001I’m that guy who writes about spiders taking over, while rooting for the spiders. There’s more to it as well – my interests include biological sciences, historical combat and gaming of all kinds, but they’re going to put the spider thing on my tombstone. Or you can substitute various things for spiders – insects, aliens, robots, the next wave of human evolution, but I am consistently the champion of the other.

How long have you been writing and how did you get started?

I first started writing (terribly) around age 18 after reading the Dragonlance books and realising that here someone had taken a RPG campaign and turned it into a set of…

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Terror Tales of the Ocean out now!

cat_oceanTerror Tales of the Ocean  
Edited by the fabulous Paul Finch
Published by Gray Friar Press

available from Gray Friar  and Amazon

“The rolling blue ocean. Timeless, vast, ancient, mysterious. Where eerie voices call through the lightless deeps, monstrous shapes skim beneath the waves, and legends tell of sunken cities, fiendish fogs, ships steered only by dead men, and forgotten isles where abominations lurk …

The multi-limbed horror in the Ross Sea
The hideous curse of Palmyra Atoll
The murderous duo of the Messina Strait
The doomed crew of the Flying Dutchman
The devil fish of the South Pacific
The alien creatures in the English Channel
The giant predator of the Mariana Trench

And many more chilling tales by Peter James, Adam Nevill, Stephen Laws, Lynda E. Rucker, Conrad Williams, Robert Shearman and other award-winning masters and mistresses of the macabre.

(includes my story  ‘The Decks Below’ – full TOC to follow)

Ghost of Family Xmases Past

Reading  posts across various blogs about Christmases-past-and-present has set me thinking about the family traditions of my own childhood, and at the risk of sounding terribly boring ours were nothing out of the ordinary.

My family did the usual things familiar to all the length and breadth of these islands. We ate too much foimages (1)od, watched too much tv, played board games and ate even more food. As my father had just one sister, and Sussex was too far from Mother’s Welsh clans, Christmas was always celebrated among we five; my parents, my two elder brothers and me.

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Christmas Past and Present

After memories from Misha Herwin come Barry Lilly’s Christmas

Being Britalian

A few days ago I re-blogged a post by Misha Herwin about Christmas and the memories of her Polish family’s Christmas traditions that she still practices today. For those that don’t know Misha, she’s a very talented author and writer of the Dragonfire trilogy, the new, Clear Gold trilogy that’s had the first volume published this year and the haunting, House of Shadows; a novel that chills you in places that chills shouldn’t occur. (I’ll post links at the end of this post so you can check out Misha and her books).

As a child I remember Christmas as a day of getting up with the first light and with my sister and rushing downstairs and shivering in the front room; as back then we had no central heating and the previous evening’s coal fire would have died. We’d be allowed to open only one present before breakfast and would grumble…

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